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New Year… New Career:

Become the ULTIMATE Therapist

The Academy of Hypnosis, United States Board of Clinical Hypnosis, United States Institute of Clinical HypnosisEEG Hypnosis Institute, South African Institute of Clinical Hypnosis, South African Board of Clinical Hypnosis and Hypnosis Foundation have joined forces to bring you the best training and certification money can buy.

Our training courses are designed not only to give you the most up-to-date knowledge and expert tools but we will also be teaching many new and proven techniques that have never been taught before, not to mention this is the only course that you can be certified and trained in ERT® (Emotional Replacement Therapy®).


Emotion Replacement Therapy.® the new sciencetific process with astonding success! ! In this once in a lifetime training course, you will certififed and trained personally from the Creator and Founder of Emotion Replacement Therapy ERT® Tom Silver himself!

You will also be some of the first to learn how ERT® really can abolish chronic depression and PTSD!!! As Neural Scientists, we are dedicated to give people new and improved proven methods, methods and techniques that really work! By taking this 7 day hands on training course with the UKs master hypnotist and therapist, man of the mind Alan Marriott and Americas No: 1 hypnotist, neural scientist and founder of ERT®, Tom Silver you will become an extremely confident and effective practitioner.

This course includes a full year membership to both The Academy of Hypnosis and the United States Board of Clinical Hypnosis. Our members area is only open to those that have been through our fully comprehensive training programme and that have passed their initial exam and received authentic certification. Within in our members areas we will be holding regular webinars and bonus training in all fields of Hypnotherapy and different inductions, EFT® (Emotional Freedom Technique®), ERT® (Emotion Replacement Therapy®), Muscle testing, EEG Hypnosis and so much more.

Our member’s area offers you online help, hundreds of scripts for therapies and inductions, training videos etc. Your first years membership is included with your 7 day hands on training with Tom and Alan as this area will hold some of the most vital training and support as you grow as the Ultimate Therapist, ensuring you gain the perfect confidence to follow through with your new, exciting and life-changing career.

Our full course offers you professional certification in ERT®, EFT, Hypnotherapy, Advanced Hypnotherapy, EEG Hypnosis, Forensic Hypnosis and Hypnosis Safety.

Includes; 7 day hands on training with two of the world’s best (keep an eye out for our next country and destination), Training DVDs and Audio Programmes, Manuals and manuscripts for your home study, your members access and so much more.

This training and certification programme also involves taking 3 exams within your first year of training and you will be given three chances to pass each exam. This is the most researched and in-depth certification programme available today.

Conducting Full Hypnosis Sessions – From A – Z :

  • Past Life Regression Therapy and Scripts
  • Interactive and Physical Hypnosis Inductions – Have great success with interactive inductions.
  • The Hypnosis Contract with Your Client – Get your client to stayed focus and on track.
  • Advanced Hypnosis Inductions – Utilize modern techniques.
  • Deep Trance Inductions – Bring your clients to the deepest states of hypnosis with confidence.
  • Rapid Inductions – Hypnotize your clients in seconds!
  • Instant, Unexpected Inductions – Shock inductions for highly analytical clients.
  • Visualization, Affirmation & Projection – A highly effective method that achieves results.
  • Reactional Hypnosis – Produce deeper states of hypnosis.
  • Parts therapy – Connecting to different parts to make changes.
  • Your Inner-child – Give yourself freedom.
  • Time line Therapy – Changing your past and your future.
  • NLP – Effective Neural Linguistic Programming Techniques.
  • EFT – The Emotional Freedom Technique.
  • Muscle testing – Diagnosis, Communicating with the subconscious.
  • Meridians and their attachment to the organs in the body.
  • Ideo-motor response – Communicating to the subconscious.
  • Physical Deepening Techniques – Physical methods to produce deeper stages of hypnosis.
  • Emotion Replacement Therapy® – E.R.T®. “The New Hypnosis Science Technology”
  • Stop Smoking in One Session with E.R.T.® – Free clients from smoking in one session.
  • E.R.T® Depression – Proven methods that effectively deal with Chronic Depression.
  • E.R.T®. Weight Loss Methods – Super successful weight loss methods.
  • EEG Brainwave Monitoring – Learn brain-wave technology.
  • Forensic Hypnosis – Investigative methods.
  • Rapid Habit Control Methods – Remove client’s negative habits quickly.
  • Removing Fears and Phobias with E.R.T®. – Free your clients of unwanted fears and phobias.
  • Early Life Regression Therapy – Powerful methods to get to the root of your clients challenges.
  • Automatic Subconscious Reprogramming Method – Client’s subconscious mind reprograms itself automatically while the hypnotist sits in silence.
  • LIVE Sessions – Witness Tom and Alan conduct LIVE hypnotherapy with fellow students in the classroom. Tom and Alan makes sure every student has the confidence to hypnotize anyone successfully.
  • “Hands On” Practice – Students practice hypnosis on each other with Tom and Alan’s guidance.
  • Self Hypnosis – Students will learn how to lower their own brainwaves with these techniques.
  • Our “New Method” of Hypnotherapy – Does not use the word “hypnosis” or “sleep.”

Our next training and certification course will be held in the No: 1 Tourism Destination in the WORLD, South Africa, Cape Town!!!

Our price for certified training either with The Academy of Hypnosis or the United States Board of Clinical Hypnosis, would normally cost you 6995USD and I’m sure you’ll agree that that’s not bad considering you get the best training available in at least three very powerful and effective therapies, this also never included the year free membership.

For January and March 2012 only, The Academy of Hypnosis, United States Board of Hypnosis, EEG Hypnosis Institute and Hypnosis Foundation have decided to join forces and we are offering all this and so much more ongoing support for only R16,500 you would be crazy to miss out.

Contact us today to find out more about this truly amazing offer and become the Ultimate Practicing Therapist!!!