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Testimonials for Alan Marriott

Here are just a few of the many letters received.

Announcing the 7th anniversary day, of breathing more freely, being a non smoker, and the envy of all the house mates.

Alan, my skin color is pink again, I just see my lungs,brain and the rest of my body rapidly recovering. I am still very depressed and sleep evades me. As diet improves, I know everything will fall into place. I have started a gentle exercise program to get the heart stronger and meditation is now a pleasure

For the first time I hear all the coughing and spluttering around me. I am not bothered at all with their smoking and they seem to feel uncomfortable lighting up in front of me. I have told them what you did to help me. I think they are saving their cents like crazy. It looks so easy to them. 
I have used the fist suck frequently, even with the irritability and swinging emotions. Works like a bomb. 
I know there is a lot of work to do, to get well and I welcome it all
I will be for ever grateful to Yvonne, talking about you and referring you.  In the 60's her Mother, darling Madge,took me under her wing when I was a student nurse with Liza, Yvonne's youngest sister.. It was the first time I saw what a Mother could be.
So, Alan, thank you for getting me through this and the  6-3 Benefits are superb.
Fond regards,
P.S. 2nd on list was the Afrika Burn. done
        3 rd To get back on a horse- working on that.
Hi Alan ... some feedback on Insomnia  ..
Delighted to inform you that since our first session (March 2012) I have not had another sleeping
This is truly a splendid result as I was totally addicted to these mean little white tablets .. and their
presence is not missed in my life.
Even when I am away from home, there is no problem in falling asleep.
Should the odd occasion arise when sleep mode takes a while longer, I focus on the positive "no panic, I will fall asleep" ..
My doctor and dietician have expressed their approval and commented that more people should try this
Many thanks!


Hi Alan
My brother phoned me today to ask for my help. I felt so free and happy I even told him that I loved him. What an amazing break through!!!!!

I want to forgive and release everybody who has a hook and control over my life and emotions. My body has shown me that inside I have been sobbing and crying for sooo long and that is NOT thereal me.

You know when you have cried so hard that your body racks with sobs and tears and that is all you can do, well that has been in me for soooo long and THAT is NOT the real me. I love to laugh and sing and dance and dream BIG.

Thank you for creating a safe place foe me to work through all these crazy places. I was terrified of comming to see you but I am so glad that I have, have a great evening.


Hi Alan

Chilly good morning to you! Just thought I'd tell you that I've lost about 12,5 kg since the end of January! Thanks to Karen - 'counting calories like a ninja' - but I think that more than half of it is losing the crap I was carrying round for more than 40 years. Thank you too! I recommend you, your web site your hypnotherapy & your EFT to others all the time.

Some obviously think I'm mad & a bit tarty, but that's par for the course. Others can't thank me enough. I'm 'up' 90% of the time these days. No happy pills (5HTP). The other 10% I can deal with.

See you again one day. Stay warm.


Hi Allan,

I hope you are well on this sunny winters day!

I am still a non smoke and will continue to be..

Thanks again for helping me. Is it possible for you to have a look at the date I stopped? I can’t find it in any of my diaries; I know it was last year sometime.

Many thanks

Sue Day

Hi Alan

Just to let you know today is Day 13 since I stopped smoking, and of course you are right, as the days pass it becomes easier although my family still have to put up with my grumpiness especially in the early evening - the time of day for a cigar and a glass of wine but so far so good and I am keeping the promise I made to myself to stop. I am sure low blood sugar at that time of day has a lot to do with it so have a healthy snack now instead of a smoke!

Thank you so much for your warm, kind & professional assistance in this process.

My purse is bulging with the cash I would have spent on cigars and I shall continue to add to it to reach my goal of going to Australia/Vietnam next March with the proceeds.

Kind regards

Suzanne Cadman 

Hi Mr. Marriott

I am overwhelmed with esteem and appreciation for you and don’t know how to express my feelings of gratitude for you. I thank God for his kindness and wish you receiving those beautiful gifts, wish God’s grace always by your side.

Dennis Roux

Dear Alan,

Wishing you well for the New Year and thanks for changing my life.


Alan, hi

I googled the hands of God image that I saw in my mind’s eye during out session today and thought I’d send you the pic  (thought the bigger picture was also there, will find it and send it to you).

Many thanks for a very robust and dense and intense session today, consolidating the work we’ve done together this year. It has truly been a good year for me and I have achieved many of the things I wanted at the start of coming to see you. I am grateful to you for the care, thoroughness and perseverance you bring to the space and the very real results that I have experienced. Thank you!

Kind regards 


Hi Allan

20 days a non smoker!! Heeha! Still feeling strong and better each day. Had an emotional wobble a while back and pulled through without a ciggie J. Had a few fun nights in between with friends and no desire to have a ciggie.

Thanks again for assisting me on this journey. It has been much easier than anticipated with this lifelong commitment!

Will keep in touch.


Hi Alan,

I hope you are well. I came to see you about two weeks ago for hypnotherapy relating to self-confidence and fear of speaking to groups. I've been doing the visualizations at night just before I fall asleep, as you advised. This is helping a lot and I know will continue to have good results as I practice more.

Also finding the EFT great, now that I actually understand and believe in it. I'm doing this almost daily for destressing and it really works! ha, ha as you know.

I feel a lot more relaxed and less interested in other people's judgment of me, 90% of which isn't real anyway.

Thanks for everything, having therapy with you was very beneficial. 

Best wishes for a very good 2012,

Take care,


Dear Alan

I set outside time to email as all I wanna do is get behind the wheel and drive. This is a far cry from the anxious, stressed and lacking in confidence person who first came to see you. My world has changed and I am so grateful for the sessions shared with you.

As you know my partner travels a lot so now I can share the responsibility as co-driver and it has really given me  independence and my confidence levels are sky high.

Tomorrow I am driving across Ou Kaapse Weg to take my daughter to a school interview. 

This is a big WOW!!

As far as the smoking is concerned you told me I will do it when I am ready. It is just part of my rebellious nature.

I have challenged myself to be a non-smoker  in 2012 and will keep you updated. 

Lots of love and good wishes for 2012, Annie

Hello Alan,

 I have been meaning to contact you for a while now. So finding this in my inbox has prompted me to do so before I am distracted.

 Confidentially ...

 Almost 3 years ago, my (step) son and I came to see you. My step son had a mental block against Afrikaans. To encourage him to address his issue, I agreed to go along as I was a chain-smoker. I had absolutely no intention of quitting.

 After an hour of chatting with you (at no cost - and no, I'm sure you did not hypnotise me) I had changed my mind, and actually thought about quitting.

 Yet another hour later (again, at no cost) you told me that my step sons issues were all related to his lack of self-confidence.

 I bought your cds and listened to them once or twice. I no longer smoke and don't remember when exactly I quit. You had told me never to remember my last cigarette and never to consider myself an ex-smoker, but rather as a non-smoker. It wasn't an immediate thing, but it's been about two years now, that lighting up is simply no longer an option.

 From 50 cigarettes a day, and after puffing away for 40 years, one morning I just no longer felt like going to the shop to waste my money on stinky smokes. Every time the craving came (like every 10 seconds, initially) I just diverted my thoughts. Today I can sit with puffing friends without even a trigger. It is all gone.

 I'm not sure of the price of cigs anymore, but I know that little visit to you has saved me tens of thousands of rands. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

 Now my step son still has issues with Afrikaans. He is busy writing his matric finals and has no interest in trying to achieve even a pass mark for this subject. HOWEVER ... his self-confidence has grown hugely. Three years ago, before he came to live with us, he was a broken child. 

 Alan, in confidence I could tell you things about the problems this wonderful, but mixed-up young man was trying to deal with. Horrors.

 But none of that matters. He is head-boy. He won Victor Ludorum two years in a row. He was voted rugby player of the year this year, and cricketer of the year last year. He has broken records in athletics. He was selected for provincial trials for soccer. He hand-picks his girlfriends and has been in a committed relationship with a beautiful girl for over six months now.

 My step son delivers speeches with ease - in front of the entire school - and even parents. He stands proud, speaks clearly and writes his own speeches from the heart. He is loved by every child at his school. His popularity is visible - yet he is not arrogant! He is able to look forward to a bright future - full of confidence - even without Afrikaans!

 Whether my step son ever listened to your cds, I don't know. But I am certain that the 60 minutes that he spent with you almost 3 years ago, have contributed hugely in building his confidence. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

 Alan, I just had to share that all with you. Very often days go by and we forget to acknowledge the amazing things others do for us. You deserve to know that your words have dramatically changed two lives in our home. 

 Now I just need to lose the many extra kilograms ... : )

 Very best wishes,

And Thank you, thank you, thank you

Hi Alan,

I am cocaine free!!

The weekend was filled with heavy partying and drinking and I wasn’t even tempted.

Thanks so much


Alan, morning,

Letting you know that the weekend workshop I ran has come and gone. It was an exquisite experience and I moved through it like a dolphin playing in huge swells!

Utterly delightful and exhilarating. I am deeply grateful and thankful for your participation and masterful work in facilitating me through the crippling fear and doubt, that now stands firmly behind.

I also slept like a baby last night, just as imagined in the last session with you and feel so happy and content this morning .

Thank you! I will be in touch for the next piece of work soon, just letting this good space linger a while.

Kind regards Jackie

Dearest dearest Alan!

I want to thank you again for all your kind and wonderful help! For the understanding and motivating- molte gracie! God Bless you!

X Patricia

Dear Alan

Hope you are well and busy.... i must admit that the two weeks has whizzed past and I have missed seeing you each week. However from the practical side I am glad that we have left a gap between appointments at this time because things have been really interesting for me.

Mostly I am happy, content and smiling.... this is seriously good stuff. When the world fell down around my ears last week i got extremely determined and sorted it out quickly and did not worry about it.

My family is trundling along happily as is my new business and i am so much more confident than i have been for such a long time.  I spoke about the hospital experience to someone who needed guidance because they are in the process of a medical nightmare and i was practical and calm.  No deep emotions or twitches YEAH!!!! I was able to be there for them and not have any repercussions myself.

Weight wise the eating is also great, my family has changed their eating habit along with me of course and i have stopped cooking them starch every day – sweet..... they are tolerant though.  I enjoy my food, eat well and then forget about it until the next time that i am hungry, do not worry and get upset over food.   I never feel deprived any more and when hungry I make sure I eat slowly and carefully until full, then i stop.  If this means a second bowl of soup then so be it, if it means 1 spoon of vege then so be it too.  COOL>>>>>

I do think that I have lost some weight, i feel lighter and gymn is already easier, but if I have it is only 3 or 4 kg (estimate as I have not weighed myself).  BUT i am happy with this.  I am also happy not to be weighing myself every day.  I feel more beautiful and more self-assured and not ruled by the issue. 

I must admit that walking is still not happening on a regular basis and although i often feel enthusiastic about it i seem to forget to make it happen more often than it happens.  However my gymn is going really well and i am able to do things that i have been too scared to do before which is VERY cool.

So I am not sure if I should go another week until i see you again or if I should book for 2 weeks time, maybe you have a feeling about this....

Thank you Alan.

Take care.



Dear Alan,

I am not sure quite how to verbalise an adaquate 'thank yoiu' for the sessions that I have had with you thus far. Such masive shifts in a short time and you are generous with your information. I feel that adding: 'helping others as you've helped me' may be on my list very soon.

Trust you have a wonderful weekend.

Kind regards
SA-Cape Town

Dear Alan,

I am just looking through the pictures from the lunch and watching the short film of your performance… Such a wonderful afternoon thanks to all of you. Back to Maputo and I could need you here… hahaha… just joking (or maybe not…?). Well, you would have lots of work here to get people in to the right (?) mind. Well I will write this and you can take what you would like to place. Hope this is ok with you, and please forgive that my English is not perfect.

Alan, you are not only an excellent professional, but you also have a very beautiful personality. You have the kind of sparkle in your eyes, which is something between a child and a wise man. I like the way you approach the problems presented, the calm, collected, centered and confident way you talk and listen. I did not only find in this short period of 5 hours we worked together a solution for my problem to overcome my blockage as an artist, but as a side effect, I started to understand some important aspects of my past, to let go of thinks bothering me since very long and most important, you gave me back the confidence in myself and in my decision to study again at the University at the age of 47, after 19 years running my own business, experimenting in very different fields and working with many interesting people of very different ages. 

Ah! And strange enough, I lost in the process my fear of heights and of flying; simply by thinking of you driving Chapman’s Peak blindfolded… can you believe this? I love the fact that you do not only talk about what the mind can archive, but you also live it every day and this makes you very special. Before leaving to the University, I am planning to take my flight through Cape Town, so that I am able to watch the Wales, something I missed this time. Would be wonderful if we could meet on this occasion to give you the promised original and maybe to have a glass of beer (or two). 

In the meantime I will send you the unfinished copy of the Portrait as promised. Well Alan, would love to hear from you from time to time. Will also keep you updated on my side. I loved meeting you and I really hope we keep in touch.

Big hug and all the best to you


Hi Alan, we would just like to thank you for everything you did for our daughter Melissa, she passed matric and it is largely due to you, so once again thank you very much from all of us, Steven, Karen and Melissa

Be positive! Hi the article on ‘be positive’ by Alan Marriott helped me more than all the screeds I’ve read in costly books bought over the years. Maureen Cee, Fish Hoek.

Dear Dr Alan

I have no hesitation in testifying about your CD's on Hypnotherapy, and recommending this to anyone having problems with depression, phobias, grieving etc.

I made an appointment to see Dr Alan Marriott (after seeing advert in Blue Book, Fish Hoek area) I realised that after speaking to him on the phone that he possess the qualifications and experience to help me. I went to Dr Alan's rooms  (which I found had a wonderful layout and fully air- conditioned) and was so impressed by his mannerisms, his character and I felt that he has the ability to understand my fears, and then I calmed down and co-operated with his instructions as I realised without doubt that he is fully qualified to help me with all my  problems which has caused me to be a prisoner of my own body and mind.

Therefore, I can vouch that after listening to these 6 (six) CD's daily, I recommend that Dr Alan Marriott has the character & ability to HELP YOU through all your problems and so much more if you are willing to co-operate with him, and wanting to be a person to start living a new life, it will be a valuable addition in your life START TODAY, don't delay!!!

Thank you Dr Alan for your kindness, and willingness to help me. Also always being interested in my progress and welfare at all times. May you always be there for anyone crying out for help. Hoping that my association with you will be a long and happy one.

Yours Sincerely
Elsie Nieuwoudt

Alan Marriott has changed my life

Need energy, a drive to lose weight-then Alan Marriott-the hypnotist is your answer. Having tried every weight loss table, shake and menu on the market, I was at the stage where nothing would help me to lose weight. Been there, tried that was my answer to everything.

I nervously joined a 6 week course with Alan and found that from the first session i was eager to achieve something in my life. Alan has more energy and enthusiasm than anyone i know. I followed his advice to the letter and had so much fun while doing it. Through Alan’s motivation, i joined a gym, now i walk my daughter ( & the dog ) to school every morning with great energy and a buzz for life. He changes your mind on what you eat and makes you want to be more active.

On completing the course, I had lost over 6 kg and all I had been doing was having fun.

I have been on such a high since the start and still feel tremendously motivated to continue until i reach my goal weight. His energy has enthused me and his voice is embedded into my brain ( both conscious and unconscious ) and will be for a long time.

If you would like to change your life for the better do what i did. Give him a call.

Claire Norton, Cape Town

I had no experience of hypnosis, other than the Hollywood representations in films and TV shows. In dieting terms, it could surely not be worse than the unpalatable meal substitutes or lettuce leaves or any of ten thousand other guaranteed solutions to global obesity.

As a prize winner, at worst I would lose six evenings and at best I might gain insight into my inner demons and shed some unloved flesh. I have been around a while so nowadays my adventurous spirit is tempered by a measure of caution. I researched hypnotherapy in general with several books from the local library; then I looked for Alan Marriott on the internet, finding references to his stage and entertainment work. Oh dear-was the prize an elaborate candid camera trap and would the 3 hopeful winners be the fall guys? Now after completing the six sessions, I know those fears were groundless. Indeed, I thank the competition for giving me so much more than a single prize.

The hypnotherapy has had a remarkable effect on my mind and behavior that is lasting longer than the actual course. A lifelong obsession with chocolate has been erased from my daily routine. Food has become a nutritional commodity and is no longer the panacea for all emotional ills. My journey towards my goals is slow and steady and filled with hopeful anticipation of sustained success. I extend my thanks to the competition and to Alan Marriott my sincere gratitude for providing this transformational experience.

Lynette Steyn. Fish Hoek

I was a little skeptical at first but even after the hypnocise introduction I realized that this was the way to go. All diets require some will power and self discipline and most attempts fail, but with hypnosis, I feel, it is as if the will power comes in as though through a back door and is instilled into the sub-conscious. One develops an enjoyment and anticipation in regular exercise and one similarly develops an enjoyment in relaxing, listening to the cds supplied.

“Weight loss is a way of life”, all programmes teach this, but this one may well have the edge, I am losing mass slowly, a kilo or more a week, and more importantly, I am enjoying it.

Thank you Alan for this interesting, and new to me, way to lose weight!

Philippe Jaques

I was just one big emotional shut-off, I had a brick wall around me so that I could not be hurt anymore. I didn’t want to get involved in a relationship, far too painful, became very anti-men. I had a constant scowl on my face, couldn’t cry or laugh for that matter. Always hurrying people away from me, walked with my head down, nobody could please me. I never played music, never cooked, I really didn’t want to do anything.

Most of my daughter’s friends were scared of me, as was my daughter. Many couldn’t even believe I was her mother. There would be no atmosphere in the house, it was like a morgue. People called me the old Rottweiler. I just chased people away from me. I was completely de-motivated. Now...I am happy. The wall has gone there has been a complete awakening. I feel like every cell in my body has burst into life.

Smiling and laughing a lot more, full of energy and vitality, motivated. Generally  joyful. I’m walking tall, speaking in a better tone of voice, feeling a calmness at all times, I’m even drawing new positive people into my life. No longer anti-men, I’m told how radiant I look. I now take an interest in clothing and make-up, I play music and love to cook.

Me and my daughter have fun now, laugh together, shop together, her friends and co-worker have all noticed a huge positive change in me. The wonderful thing is about these changes, I didn’t have to concentrate on them or work at them. They all happened automatically without me even realizing it. Thank you for helping me to change my life.

Cynthia Wingate. Cape Town

Before I met Alan Marriott I was having serious trouble with my blood pressure, medical doctors said if my blood pressure doesn’t drop I would be hospitalised and could have some serious problems. I had been a fitness fanatic all my life and this news was hugely unexpected. I went to see Alan to see if he could help me with my blood pressure, sure was it the best thing i had ever done. Within just two weeks of Alan’s cds and two sessions, my blood pressure had dropped to better than average.

A real life saver. Thanks again Alan.

Christopher Kenith Ronald. England.

I have had psoriasis all my life and have tried everything from the shops and doctors to help control it. It was that bad it would prevent me from going out, family gatherings and meeting new people, it made me look a real mess. 

I went to see Alan Marriott and was told that he could certainly help if not clear it up completely. Amazingly six weeks later he was right, the results are amazing, I don’t have to worry about what I’m wearing and where I go, who I’m with or who I’m meeting.

I feel great thank you for changing my life.

Ruth Dixon. Ireland.

Hi Alan

You remember the two T’s – Tas & Tracey…?  I was the one getting married…?

Well, all is going great.  I’m still training a lot at gym and building muscle and losing cms.  The scale hasn’t moved too much, but my trainer says that my body is redistributing – loosing the fat and building the muscle, so this is to be expected.  But I have lost 5cm on my hips, 4cm on my boobs and 2cm around my waist and I have managed to get into a pair of jeans I haven’t worn for over a year!  People are starting to comment on how I look and I’m starting to feel a pride in the way I look again.  And I tried on a few wedding dresses (something I was dreading) and I was so surprised – I fitted into a 36 dress and felt wonderful!

I am still working on some of the good habits we put in place; leaving some food behind on my plate; not watching TV when I eat; eating slowly and I even park my car further away from my offices, the gym and the shopping mall! 

There are still bad days, but these are few and far between and this time instead of berating myself and feeling guilty for a week, I just get straight back on the donkey the following day! 

Honestly, I have not been listening to the cds as much as I would have liked to.  I tried a few weeks ago and couldn’t get into it, so i’ve left it for a while and will try again soon.  Just to keep the message reinforced, hey?!

Anyway, hope you are doing well and keeping busy (as usual) and the weather isn’t reminding you too much of England!!

Best wishes


Hi Alan

I haven’t smoked for over two months now and it’s become incredibly easy. Thanks again Alan.

Howard Else. Cape town.

Dear Alan

All I wanted to say is that I’m doing great and the confidence and assertiveness has worked well so far! I sometimes can’t believe myself.

Gillian. Cape town.

Hi Alan thank you for the help with the hypnotherapy, it’s really great.

Glynn & Sietske. Cape town.