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Scientific and EEG Hypnosis

EEG HYPNOSIS INSTITUTES® goals are to scientifically prove that our mind's brainwave frequency states can absolutely create positive, healthy changes in our lives without the usage of addicting drugs and chemicals, and without the horrific side affects and even deadly affects that some of the current drugs on the market cause. Tom Silver, the founder of Brainwave Foundation has been successfully helping thousands of people to achieve these curative brainwave states for over 28 years and has achieved tremendous successes in fear and phobic anxiety removal, the reduction of high blood pressure, lower intestinal disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome, as well as achieving successes in reducing general anxiety disorders, and psychosomatic disorders.  

Brainwave Foundation's research in brainwave frequency activation is on the forefront of mental medicine breakthroughs!  

EEG HYPNOSIS INSTITUTES® proud to announce its various scientific training courses, certifications, and programs in Scientific EEG Hypnotherapy, Emotion Replacement Therapy (E.R.T.), Fear & Phobia Removal Training, and Brainwave Frequency Activation Inductions and Methods to produce these lower brainwave states within a few minutes. These specialized training and instruction courses will be personally conducted by Tom Silver, the founder and pioneer mind scientist himself.  Tom Silver is also the founder of Hypnosis Foundation. Hands on and personal one on one training courses will all be announced on this website.

HYPNOSIS FOUNDATION® & EEG HYPNOSIS INSTITUTE® believe that mind technology and brainwave activation is the future wave of healing modality based on the creation of actual brainwave states that will stimulate mind healing chemicals to promote mental healing and actual physical healing of emotional disorders and anxieties that affect our health and mental happiness. These various brainwave states which also produce physical relaxation, will help to balance our autonomic nervous system as well as our hypothalamic limbic system. 

THE LIMBIC SYSTEM is the center of emotions. According to medical doctors, over reactive negative emotions such as anger, stress and tensions are some of the major causes in the increase of heart attacks, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular diseases in the United States. Diet is also a contributing factor.

CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE refers to the class of diseases that involve the heart or blood vessels (arteries and veins). The Brainwave Foundation believes that through the activation of these lower brainwave frequency states such as low alpha, low theta, and low delta, the bodily functions including the slowing down of our heart rate, blood circulation, physical relaxation of the body and the lowering of emotional anxieties, can produce amazing curative results that will stimulate better health, more vitality and even promote biological and physical healing. 

The Hypothalamus, which is a small organ located in the lower part of our brain right below the thalamus and just above the brain stem, stimulates the lower brainwave frequencies. One of the most important functions of the hypothalamus is to link the nervous system to the endocrine system via the pituitary gland. The hypothalamus is responsible for certain metabolic processes and other activities of the hypothalamus limbic system and the autonomic Nervous System. The hypothalamus synthesizes and secrets neuro-hormones, often called hypothalamic-releasing hormones, and these in turn stimulate or inhibit the secretion of pituitary hormones.

The Hypothalamus controls body temperature, hunger, thirst, fatigue, and circadian cycles. It also directly affects our immune system and metabolism. Brainwave Foundation's most recent research has also revealed some of the most important and exciting discoveries of our time in relation to these lower brain wave states of "theta" and "delta"(0.1Hz - 7Hz).  That discovery is of neurochemical activations of Serotonin, Melatonin and Dopamine.

Serotonin (the production of which is stimulated by some foods and certain anxiety medicines such as mood blockers) can be naturally stimulated or reduced scientifically and naturally in specific brain wave frequency states, and Brainwave Foundation's research can and will prove this scientifically in the near future. Brainwave Foundation's astounding research in brainwave frequency healing states is bringing the future of mind science to the world today!

Be part of this great future right now, join us, and register today to become a member of Brainwave Foundation.   


"EEG is the way of the future and I am proud to put my energy and insight into bringing this new medical/scientific tool to the scientific hypnotherapy and E.R.T. community by teaching you right now about EEG and how to use EEG Neuro-feedback in your private sessions.  Before I teach you the science of EEG, let’s investigate some of the most common questions that hypnotists have asked me about using an Electroencephalograph diagnostic device in a private E.R.T. and or Hypnotherapy session."

With forensic hypnotism for memory activation, the EEG is the strongest scientific tool that we can use for the monitoring of conscious and subconscious brainwave frequency changes. These frequency changes during the process of producing the deepest hypnotic state possible can be used to acquire the most accurate memory retrieval from the subconscious mind. The changes in frequency are a kind of mapping system that can tell us whether the information and memory coming up from the witness or accused is conscious memory (which can, of course, be created or faked), or the subconscious memory, which if really produced effectively under the state of “Delta” or deep E.R.T. can be the most accurate and descriptive memory that we all have within us. 

What is an EEG machine?
An EEG or what is called an ELECTROENCEPHALOGRAPH. This is a scientific medical and mental device that monitors brainwave frequency changes that take place while a person is going into E.R.T. and relaxation.

What do doctors and psychologists use the EEG monitoring device for?

Doctors have used it to monitor epileptic seizures in patients as well as neurological disorders in the brain. It is also currently being used by various psychologists in the areas of attention deficit disorder, by-polar disorder, focus and concentration, hypertension, anxiety, sleep problems, depression, head aches, and migraines, chronic pain, compulsive behavior, mood swings, stroke, traumatic brain injury, and autism, as well in many other areas that affect physical and emotional well being.

What other things can EEG machines monitor?
Some EEG monitors can also monitor muscle tension and physiological changes in our autonomic system. They can also monitor the amplitude or what might be called the dynamic levels of each state of brainwave frequencies. Think of these brainwave frequencies as having an intensity or volume level that can be in a high dynamic state or in a low dynamic state, just like the volume of your television set on a certain channel being low or loud.

How can you tell when a person is in Hypnosis with an EEG machine?
When you conduct scientific clinical Hypnosis while using an EEG device on your client, you will be able to monitor the various levels of brainwave frequencies from Beta down to Delta. As most hypnotherapists know, hypnosis levels can be described as light, medium, and deep. With science we know that the hypnotic states relate directly to brainwave states. When you utilize the EEG Neurofeedback technology, you can scientifically see your client going into states of “Alpha", "Theta", and "Delta”, and these three levels can be considered states or depths of Hypnosis.

What do I look for when reading the Electroencephalogram?
When reading the Electroencephalogram while conducting hypnosis, you want to look for the reduction of "beta" wave activity, and the increase of “theta” and “delta” wave activity which validates the hypnotic state.

Can you record the brainwave information to review later?
Many of the Electroencephalograph machines on the market today, are able to record and save the brainwave data from your clients directly on your hard drive. This way, you can store each EEG session for observation in the future, as well as to show your client various results in bravewave activity.

Can using this EEG machine help my private practice?
By using an EEG brainwave neurofeedback device, you can increase the credibility of yourself and your practice by having a scientific tool that validates what you are doing is a scientifically reality.

Are there actual classes or courses I could take on EEG hypnotism?
There are very few courses out there that train hypnotherapists on EEG hypnotism, however Brainwave Foundation and Hypnosis Foundation train hypnotherapists from all around the world in the practice of EEG, E.R.T. and hypnosis practices. Successes with participant's clients have all increased. These testimonials and successes put EEG hypnotism and E.R.T. into a new wonderful realm of science. Information regarding this training is located on this website (see Hypnosis Certification tab).

Can I purchase some Brainwave Graph Charts to show my clients these states?