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About EFT

EFT was born in the U.S. by Gary Craig, in the early 90's. Gary is a Stanford graduate engineer, who initially followed a career in insurance sales. Dr. Roger Callahan's Thought Field Therapy or TFT was to become the father of EFT and also of numerous other methods in the field that we call today "energy psychology". So we must be very thankful for Dr. Callahan and Gary Craig’s work.

The theory behind EFT is that all emotional upsets are caused by disturbances in the body's energy system. If one is to correct the disturbance the emotional upset dissipates. This doesn't mean that we don't feel any emotion, rather that we have a tool that can neutralize excessive emotion. As an example, suppose you wanted to use EFT to eliminate a fear of water. Suppose that, currently, whenever you are near water or have a thought of having to go into water, you feel so frightened you feel the need to run away. Well after working with EFT for just a short time, you will get to the point where you can not only get into water put fully submerce yourself into it too without feeling any upset what so ever.

However, you are likely to still be cautious about it if you didn't know how deep the water is or if you can not swim. EFT gets rid of the excessive fear, but doesn't get rid of your sense of self preservation. You might have a traumatic incident from your past that still causes very distressing feelings when you think of it. After using EFT, you won't forget the incident totally, but you will be able to think about it without getting upset.

You can use EFT if you have a fight with your boss or spouse, if your children have had a bad day at school and need comfort, to get rid of addictions, to lose weight, to boost self esteem, to improve your business and your relationships, to reduce pain, to increase your energy, to reduce fears for the future and see your way more clearly forward, to name just a few uses.

How it works and why it makes a difference in the body

When we tap on our meridian points (these are our energy points or electrical circuitry within our bodies) we are sending a signal throughout our body. When we are in Flight or Fight and we tap, we are sending a calming signal to that particular Flight or Fight part of the brain and throughout the body. So when you tap it is basically sending you a signal to your body that says; “ah, ok, I’m calm and safe."

When you think of an old trauma, a fight that you witnessed as a young child for example, it reactivates that whole Flight or Fight response or machinery in your brain and throughout your body. It is sending the signal, in this case the thought of the trauma, throughout your body saying be afraid and ready to run and of course this is actually a good plan when you’re a little child. As an adult when you think of that trauma you automatically go to that threat response.

Now if you tap on the Meridian points you will send a different signal to your brain saying, you’re safe, you’re calm. What you’re actually doing is combining this old signal of threat with this new signal of safety. This feeling of safety brakes what’s called the Conditioned Response Loop. The Conditioned Response Loop is the loop of thinking about that old trauma and going into your Fight or Flight. By tapping you are breaking that loop and by breaking the loop by tapping you are breaking the association between memory and physiological response of Fight or Flight. By making a brake that one time, every time after that when you think of that particular aspect of the trauma you no longer go into Fight or Flight because your body now realizes that it’s just that old thought out there, it no longer has that emotional content of a dangerous signal that says that you should go into the stress response. Your emotions are now flowing correctly.

Emotion stands for ENERGY IN MOTION, so when our energies are not flowing properly or are blocked, our energy is no longer in motion therefore it causes a Zzzsssst in your energy system. All negative emotions are caused by a disruption in ones energy system. So this is how tapping on these meridian points deactivates these old conditioned responses of the stress to those traumatic memories.

By relieving stress your body will begin to behave like it is supposed to, which means we recover and begin to feel better, this would explain why EFT seems to work for everything. As we always say, try it on everything!!!

EFT works for so many things. It reduces anxiety. If you have ever scored a penalty shoot out you know that you can do it, so why can’t you do it every time? Anxiety. Why can’t you shoot that perfect game of golf every time? Anxiety. Why are you afraid of public speaking and feel sick to your stomach? Anxiety. What EFT does, is reduces the anxiety about your driving, that exam, the trip to the doctor etc. You allow your body to run affectively. When we take away the burden of anxiety, depression, the stress, the worry and trauma, our bodies respond so quickly. It’s like clouds being blown away as the sun burst through. You are dispersing all the emotional clouds on that particular aspect of the trauma that you are tuned into.

By tapping you will find that all these other things about your life start to come right and begin to work better because they are no longer being pulled under by this negative anxiety. Another words you no longer have that old negative response to the traumatic thought. Stress and anxiety have become a major part of peoples lives and today our society looks at this as normal, “everybody has stress”, so it is crucial that we address this.

Think about it, when you go see the doctor because you are feeling unwell, he tells you that he can not find anything wrong with you and he may say something like; “it’s alright, it’s only stress”. In my opinion that’s like saying; “it’s alright it’s just cancer or a heart attack”. Stress is so much a bigger part of disease so if we don’t go in there and clean up those emotions, traumas or memories, they come back to us and bite us in the ass even if they began 50 years ago. Those emotions come back to us in many guises, smoking, drugs and alcohol, weight issues, hypertension, cancers, allergies and so much more. It is essential that we go in there and remove that overlay of anxiety so that our bodies do what they should be doing naturally and that is to heal!!!

When you apply acupuncture to acupuncture points it literally turns off the stress centers of the brain, it shuts down those parts of the brain in the limbic system. (The limbic system scans around us for any threats and if a real threat occurs it activates the Fight or Flight response throughout the body, this has been proven with the use of MRI machines. It has also been found that by using pressure on these meridian points is exactly the same as using an acupuncture needle. By using EFT it has been found that your cortisol (your main stress hormone) just drops way, way down extremely far.

Research has shown that EFT is one of the best if not the best ways to rapidly bring down levels of cortisol. Emotions have huge impact on our physical bodies. Emotions pain and stress are all directly related, it is the way that our body speaks to us. So when we are feeling something going on, our bodies are telling us that there is something wrong, there is something that doesn’t feel right.

If I was to ask you where you hold your stress and tension in your body, you would probably know, it’s in my neck, shoulders etc. If I was to ask you to tell me about something that causes you stress, let us say that it is something to do with your work i.e. you hate getting up for work, your boss is always shouting at you. How would that make you feel? Angry, frustrated etc. So you see, you have the stiffness or tension in your neck or shoulders because of the stress from work which makes you feel angry etc, and it’s those emotions that you are carrying in your neck and your shoulders.

The emotional and physical parts of us are directly connected

So why does our childhood have such a huge influence on us as adults? Up until the age of about 6 years old our brains are in a state for ‘super learning’. At those ages the most common brainwaves found are both Delta and Theta, at these ages we have very little or none of the higher brainwaves frequencies, Alpha and Beta. Alpha and Beta brainwaves begin to occur after the age of 6 years old and at about the ages of 10, 11, 12, they really begin to kick in strongly. This also explains why younger children are so suggestible. Before 6 years old we are in the REM state, the super learning or hypnotic state, we are absorbing all the information from the outside world with no cognitive, logical or conscious filters to interpret it as one would with the higher frequencies of Alpha and Beta.

Remember it is not what happened or how traumatic the event is, it is your response at that time to what happened that really counts and it is this zzzssst that creates a disruption in the bodies energy system.

EFT in a nut shell

So basically when we have any kind of negative experience big or small, it creates a disruption in the body’s energy system, an imbalance in our body. After so many disruptions over and over again we get a zzzssst going on and our body will tell us. It could be a headache, tension, arthritis, depression etc. There are so many different ways our bodies can talk to us; again it is due to not addressing particular emotions.

By tapping and stimulating the energy point or meridians, you are getting the energy moving and by getting the energy moving you are releasing any negative emotions i.e. pain and so forth. When you tap, you are tapping into the problem and really you’re addressing the subconscious mind, the part of you that is so in tune to what is going on. As the subconscious seems to take things literally you need to be specific, the more specific you are the quicker and better the results!!! EFT takes practice and you must be persistent, then it really can be as simple as it sounds.

EFT has no side effects, however if you are dealing with extremely traumatic issues you must always work with a professional therapist.