Alan Marriott - International, Television, Stage Hypnotist, Hypnotherapist and Man of the Mind.
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Worldwide Stage Hypnotists, Mentalist and Man of the Mind

Alan Marriott international, television, stage hypnotist & Man of the Mind  is now successfully based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Alan Marriott

Alan Marriott is an International Television and Stage Hypnotist, Entertainer and Man of the Mind. Alan has been a fully recognized and qualified Master Hypnotist for over 18 years. In that time he has helped people overcome a host of conditions with hypnotherapy and has kept audiences in stitches with his often hilarious and always mind-boggling live stage and television shows consisting of Mind Power, Psychology, Hypnosis & Trickery too. A show you will never forget!!
At the tender age of 12-years-old, in Burton-on-Trent, England, Alan hypnotised his friend and made him believe that he was stuck to the chair on which he was sitting. It stuck resolutely to his derriere while he
waddled around the room like a duck.
This incident illustrates the young Alan's high intelligence and demonstrates his early insight to, and understanding of, the human mind. This intelligence has developed and his knowledge has grown as Alan has dedicated his life to the study of hypnosis and he has matured into one of the world's preeminent practitioners of therapeutic and entertainment hypnosis.
At 15 (pretending to be 18) Alan hosted his own television show in England. This allowed him to work with some of England's top entertainment stars in Blackpool: namely Roy Chubby Brown, Joe Longthorn, The Bachelors and acts like the Grumbleweeds.
So popular was Alan's show, that he was approached by AirTours (My Travel) to go to Tunisia and put on his awe-inspiring performances for hotel audiences. Then is 2000 AirTours pleaded with Alan and, at extremely short notice (three days to be precise!), asked if he would be able to fly out to the Canary Islands to perform one of his spectacular shows for the Millennium Eve! He did of course ... and although he was only supposed to be there for a week, so popular and successful was his show that he continued to work there for the next year-and-a-half!
Once back in England for two years, Alan launched his own entertainment company and settled down quite nicely in a quaint little town house with his four dogs. "I thought it was time to settle down", Alan recalls.
No such luck. He was way too much in demand. Turi Complex, which was the largest hotel chain in the Canary Islands at the time, contacted Alan and asked him to move out to the Canaries full time. He would perform more than 7 shows a week across the enti re Canary Islands! So Alan packed up his house, equipment, Father .. . (yes that's right. .. his Dad too) and ALL four dogs (whose tickets cost more than the combined value of the tickets for Alan and his Dad) andleft for the Canary Islands.
Alan's extraordinary talents brought huge success to the hotels in which he performed and they won the National Gold Award for Best Entertainment throughout all of the Canary Islands, for three consecutive years! This was a phenomenal achievement for a young man barely 20 years of age!
Alan has always loved wildlife and wanted to live in Africa. He came to Cape Town for a holiday and after just three days, he phoned his advisors in the Canaries and instructed, "Put the house on the market." Four months later, he packed up his house, his Dad, his four dogs, and moved to Cape Town! He loves Cape Town and only misses the ubiquitous English pub.
Alan has established his own Academy of Hypnosis Training School and when not performing his Mind Bending shows around Africa he is busy treating patients in his hypnotherapy clinic. He helps people with myriad problems through hypnotherapy. He is quick to assure people that hypnotherapy is not dangerous and he is bound by the Code of Conduct from the 1952 Hypnotism act.
Alan Marriott is the first hypnotist to have ever performed for the FIFA WORLD CUP.
In March 2010 Alan was approached by FIFA to perform his mesmerizing hypnotic stage show at the World Cup Fan Festivals. The Fan Park spectators numbered in their thousands and were the largest live audiences for which Alan had performed in his life! It is testament to his ability that he held such large audiences, audiences enraptured for his entire set. "It was an experience I will never forget," reveals Alan, "to be in front of thousands of people all ready to experience the awesome powers of hypnosis is a dream come true."
Alan's amazing abilities have generated a lot of interest among local television networks and negotiations are underway to produce his own show right here in South Africa.
Alan's shows are perfect for theaters, corporate events, promotions, private functions, special events. Whatever the occasion Alan will demonstrates the impossible, utilizing his amazing skills with the Power of the Mind and Hypnosis, guaranteeing you and your guests a performance of a life time - once seen never to be forgotten Judge for yourself and become apart of his world.
Alan is also a regular writer for Full Circle magazine.

Alan Marriott has bought forward a whole new show by combining his talents of mentalism and hypnotism, giving him great success with this truly mind bending production.

A  Hypnotic World of Endless Possibilities

With Alan Marriott


You thought you had seen it all, but now he’s back with his new, exciting and mind-bending show, a show you will never forget!

Alan Marriott International, Television, Stage hypnotist and Man of the Mind will take you on a hypnotic journey with his two part show demonstrating the most amazing mind feats, utilizing Suggestion, Mind Power, Mentalizm and Trickery.

In the second half of the show, you will get the chance to experience the Awesome Power of Hypnosis. Give him a piece of your mind and Prepare to be MESMERIZED!

See the show, judge for yourself !!!