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Welcome to the ACM Academy of Hypnosis.

Alan Marriott, International, Television, Stage Hypnotist, Hypnotherapist and Man of the Mind, welcome you all to his mesmerizing site...

The Academy of Hypnosis was established by Alan Marriott in 1998 in the UK and the Canary Islands and is now based in South Africa's Cape Town.

Skype Sessions Now Available

Worldwide Hypnotherapy Skype sessions are now available which means that The Academy of Hypnosis can now help people all over the world from the safety of their own homes to achieve their goals and aspirations and to start living their new lives today. Hypno Skype sessions are proving to be very effective so if this sounds like the right approach for you please don't hesitate to find out more.

To book your Skype hypnotherapy and energy sessions or to simply find out more please Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call the Academy of hypnosis on +27 (0)21 785 4638.

In order to have one on one private hypnotherapy on Skype with Alan Marriott you will need to send a friend request to join.
Alan Marriott’s Skype address is alan.marriott2

We look forward to hearing from you soon... 


Are you looking for help to increase your willpower to finally defeat a nasty habit such as smoking, over eating, or nail biting? Alternatively you may be looking for help to overcome a long standing fear, or phobia that is preventing you from enjoying your life to the full, and becoming the real you.

Hypnosis can offer relief for many physical, psychological and emotional conditions. Whether you want to improve your sports performance, memory, create wealth, lose sensitivities such as hay fever, release pain, beat negativity, or maybe you are simply seeking a way to find a real sense of relaxation, inner calm, or possibly a deeper understanding of your own individual needs and purpose.

At our busy hypnotherapy clinic, we help 1000's of people in so many ways, helping them to be what they want to be and to start living a new life today.

Using hypnotherapy we are dedicated to helping our clients reach their full potential using the natural mind powers and the wonderful technique of hypnosis. Hypnotherapy and its results are positively astounding.

Since 1998 we have been helping clients all over the world to lose weightstop smokingachieve personal successbusiness successmotivationdealing with allergiessport enhancementbuilding self esteem and confidencedepressionfears and phobias and so much more.

These life changes can happen very quickly and it’s all natural with no side effects.

Hypnotherapy will allow you to get away from typical patterns of response and behavior to achieve greater flexibility and choice. Positive results are only limited to your imagination!

Using hypnosis helps you to relax deeply, giving you the ability to choose new ways of doing, being, and thinking, without being controlled by past experiences.

Whatever you desire to accomplish in your life, ALL begins and ends with your subconscious mind. Accessing your subconscious mind through hypnosis helps you to easily create changes that could otherwise be difficult.

Training and Certifications

Since 1998 The acm Academy of Hypnosis has been training and certifying professional and non-professional people from all over the world, to not only enjoy a whole new and exciting career but to become an extremely confident and effective Hypnotherapist, EFT, ERT, and NLP practitioner .

The academy is also the first to offer a lifetime of professional help and support programme to ensure that you really do make the most of what you learn not to mention all the new techniques that follow the changes in life.

Hypnosis and all other therapies need to change with the times. You wouldn’t use the same fuel for a car today as you did say 30 years ago, would you?

Entertainment and Show biz


Alan Marriott is the first hypnotist to have ever performed for the FIFA WORLD CUP.

In March 2010 Alan was approached by FIFA to perform his mesmerizing hypnotic stage show at the World Cup Fan Festivals. The Fan Park spectators numbered in their thousands and were the largest live audiences for which Alan had performed in his life! It is testament to his ability that he held such large audiences, audiences enraptured for his entire set. "It was an experience I will never forget," reveals Alan, "to be in front of thousands of people all ready to experience the awesome powers of hypnosis is a dream come true."

Alan's amazing abilities have generated a lot of interest among local television networks and negotiations are underway to produce his own show right here in South Africa.

Alan's shows are perfect for theaters, corporate events, promotions, private functions, special events. Whatever the occasion Alan will demonstrates the impossible, utilizing his amazing skills with the Power of the Mind and Hypnosis, guaranteeing you and your guests a performance of a life time - once seen never to be forgotten Judge for yourself and become apart of his world.


Alan Marriott has bought forward a whole new show by combining his talents of mentalism and hypnotism, giving him great success with this truly mind bending production.